When utilizing a bridge to transfer assets between different blockchain networks, it's important to note that bridging fees can vary based on multiple factors and can be summarised as per the below.

total_fee = service_fee + volume_fee + destination_broadcast_fee

The final fee will be quoted in the widget based on network, amount and token parameters that are selected.

Service and volume fee

The bridge typically applies a flat fee structure for amounts up to 1000 USD equivalent, beyond which a fixed percentage is added on top.

For example:

  • a user bridging 500 USD equivalent in ETH would pay just $3 USD

  • another a user bridging 2000 USD equivalent in ETH would pay $3 USD + (0.001 * 2000) = $5

Note that these amounts are for mainnet chains, testnet chains have a much reduced testing fee 0.01 USD equivalent

Destination broadcast fee

Additional fees may be charged based on the specific destination network and the prevailing gas costs required to complete the bridging process.

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