Referral scheme

Please note this program is not yet live, keep an eye out for announcements

neuron is keen to work with any partners that promote our fast and secure bridges as part of their product or community. To enable this, anyone can direct users to neuron and, in return, receive a percentage of the bridging fees that are generated as a result of their efforts.

The partner reward for referring users is 25% of the protocol fee paid by the user (excluding destination gas fee and volume fees). See fees for more information.

Partners only need to append their payout address to the URL they share and there is no need to register or perform any special process to enable immediately collecting referral fees.

To receive partnership rewards, direct users to:


Where 0x1234 is the payout Ethereum address

To collect referral rewards via API integrations, see the small addition required to the on-chain submitted payload. This is not required for partners sending users to the neuron website directly.

The protocol processes and pays the accrued rewards on a monthly basis (usually on the first day of each month). Partners will be paid out automatically provided they've accrued a minimum of 0.01 ETH in rewards. Any amount below this threshold will be automatically rolled over to the next month until it reaches the threshold to be paid.

For any questions reach out to the team on discord or via team@goneuron.xyz

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