🆘Issues and Support

The fastest way to get Support is by reaching out to the team on Discord

Please note that no-one from the neuron team will ever ask you to send tokens or disclose private key or wallet recovery phrases

What should I do if the transaction fails or the waiting time is too long?

In the first instance, please take a look at the History pane accessed on the top right of the neuron app.

This will summarise all the bridging transactions and their current state. Any transactions in a Pending state are in progress and will update their status as they progress between chains.

For other statuses, see below.

What should I do if I see Failed or Delayed in my history

In rare cases bridging transactions may require you to speak to the team on Discord for support who will be able to help you.

If you see a notification saying your transfer is Delayed, this is usually not something that you need to speak to Support about - it will be resolved automatically within at most a few hours depending on the underlying reason.

Unfortuantely transactions that are marked as Failed will require you to reach out to us on Discord in order to resolve. We will do our best to resolve this as quickly as possible for you

Support times

The neuron team always try to be available, however there will be times where there might be a few hour delay to our response especially around weekends. Please be patient.

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